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Our Automotive Customers

A&I Distributors has what our automotive customers need to keep their business (and engines) running smoothly. A business is a lot like an engine – with hard work, a little bit of elbow grease, and the right products, you’ll be revved up and ready to achieve maximum performance. A&I strives to do just that for our automotive customers by providing quality lubricants, coolants, automotive chemicals, and filtration system products to a variety of automotive businesses; from gas stations and quick lubes to independent repair shops and dealerships. 

We all need to get from point A to point B and depend on reliable transportation to do so. Without the services automotive businesses offer, we’d remain in place – unable to move forward with our daily lives. 100 years in the making, A&I Distributors offers the largest selection of brands and products including auto lubricant, automotive grease, and automotive lubricant oils throughout nine locations in eight states to help our customers maintain momentum. 

Gas Stations

Typically located along major highways, busy intersections, and urban areas, gas stations keep us fueled and fine-tuned for getting where we need to. These retail establishments sell gasoline and other automotive products such as automotive oil, car washes, and convenient grab-and-go items, and can be independently owned or operated by large corporations.

Quick Lubes

Oil change shops or “Quick Lubes” keep the wheels turning with automotive maintenance services including fluid top-offs, tire rotations, filter rotations, and more. A&I Distributors keeps these businesses stocked with important products to help keep the gears and wheels turning. 

Automotive Repair

Automotive repair shops cover everything minor to major, from battery replacements to bodywork. We provide world-class service to our repair shop customers to help their drivers get back on the road faster.


From trade-ins to low mileage and a new car smell, we help dealerships maintain and optimize their vehicles for their customers to drive away happy.

We Provide

Convenient weekly delivery services with quality automotive lubricant brands, automotive grease, automotive lubricant oils, and more. We offer fast delivery and pick up service.

Direct one-on-one support from our expert sales team to set our automotive customers up for success.

Merchandising planning and support to optimize space.

Efficient, easy online ordering.

Top-quality equipment matched with exceptional service.

Expert Customer Service


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