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Whether your'e a car dealership, repair shop, or quick lube, our team will take your business to the next level

Operating a business is a lot like maintaining an engine — with hard work, a little bit of elbow grease, and the right products, you can achieve maximum performance. Whether you’re an OEM dealership, quick lube, independent repair shop, or import specialty garage, we have the products to help your business for the long haul. From our humble beginnings, A&I Distributors has first-hand experience that different situations require different applications. Allow our team of experts to listen to what your business needs and provide you with the best possible solution to help your business prosper.

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Industrial environments can be tough, but so are our products

Wherever there are lubrication needs, we have a solution—including in heavy-duty industrial applications. Railroad engines, wind turbines, and other heavy machinery require solutions that just cannot fail. We stay on top of the best products and industry innovations to keep machinery uptime to a maximum, 24/7/365.

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Our products include high-quality oils

The hot and dusty conditions that are often found in commercial operations can cause equipment failures which is why having the right products is crucial. Our high-quality oils are designed to provide the best possible performance and protection to gasoline and diesel engines against all conditions, even if you need to operate at -50°. We also offer transmission lubricants, gear lubricants, greases, and hydraulic oils to produce comprehensive and efficient equipment. Whether your industry is in agriculture, construction, forestry, marine, or manufacturing, we have the products to provide optimum performance.

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If you need food grade lubricants, A & I has the products you need to keep your workplace safe

Food manufacturing plant operations often create harsh conditions, full of heat, dust, and/or moisture. These conditions can cause costly damage to equipment that isn’t properly lubricated and can also cause an even more costly problem, cross-contamination. At A&I Distributors, we understand the dangers of cross-contamination when working with food-grade lubricants. With our extensive line of products and knowledge, we are confident that we can provide you with the quality lubricants you need to keep your workplace operating smoothly and end users safe.

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