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Our relationships and bulk buying power ensure that we give you the best-priced and highest-quality lubricants.

Lubricant is defined as a substance that is used to minimize friction between moving parts in a machine. In other words, no matter where your customers are going, lubricant is something they’ll need, and we’ve got you covered. At A&I Distributors we don’t just take pride in the relationships we have built with our customers but also with our suppliers. We’ve established long-term relationships with many top lubricant brands affording us a strong bulk buying power that allows us to give you the highest-quality lubricant at wholesale price. We have an impressive portfolio of brands to meet your every need and requirement to keep production running at its maximum potential.

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A&I carries a full line of passenger motor car antifreeze and heavy duty antifreeze for all of your vehicles and equipment.

Engine coolant, or antifreeze, helps regulate the temperature of a vehicle. As the weather can be unpredictable, ensuring that an engine is provided with the right coolant is vital to maintain an even operating temperature. In addition to ensuring an engine can operate in hot and cold temperatures, maintaining proper coolant levels also helps prevent corrosion. A&I Distributors recognizes that different vehicles and equipment require different coolants. From Low Silicate to Dex-Cool to Heavy Duty Extended Life, we have the coolant for you.

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A&I knows that keeping vehicles running means more than oil changes.

There’s more to maintaining a vehicle than lubricants and coolants which is why we offer more. A&I Distributors go the extra mile to ensure that your customers have everything they need to maintain optimal performance. We offer degreasers, fuel additives, bulk fuel tank treatments, and brake cleaners. Each of these chemicals plays its own small role to ensure that a vehicle is operating to its full potential and that it is also safely doing so. A&I Distributors offers these same chemicals in commercial quality to keep your business’ equipment running at maximum efficiency.

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When it’s time to change the fluids, it’s time to check the filter.

Clean fluid will only take a vehicle so far with a dirty filter. Practicing routine maintenance of filters will keep an engine clean, which extends its overall life. A clean engine means cleaner breathing air for those inside the vehicle cabin and cleaner air for the environment. A&I Distributors delivers a full line of premium filtration products from all the leading brands, including Donaldson, Valvoline, Service Pro, and Performax. If you aren’t sure what filtration product will give you the best performance, we have a team of experts ready to assist you.

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DEF is a newer product required by many heavy-duty trucks, pickups, SUVs, and vans delivered after January 2010.

Due to the harmful emissions in the exhaust of diesel engines the United States Environmental Protection Agency implemented strict regulations that require all diesel engines produced after 2010 to use Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF. DEF is a solution of urea and water that is injected into the exhaust stream of a vehicle or equipment to turn nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water. We offer end-to-end DEF solutions available in bulk, 330 gallon IBC, 55-gallon drums, 2-2.5-gallon cases, single 2.5-gallon cases, and 4/1-gallon cases.

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