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Protect and Perform with High-Quality Engine Oils

Commercial customers rely on maximum performance and equipment protection. A&I Distributors provides high-quality oil products to keep gasoline and diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently, even in the toughest of conditions.

Additionally, our hardworking transmission lubricants, gear lubricants, greases, and hydraulic oils are ready for the challenge of harsh weather conditions from cold climates to hot and dusty environments. We service agriculture, construction, forestry, marine, and manufacturing industries.

Commercial engine oils are specifically designed to handle heavy loads. Our products are specially formulated to combat tough conditions to deliver the best performance possible. Commercial clients can count on our high-quality oils for improved fuel efficiency, anti-wear protection, cold-weather performance, and stability.

Quality Means Performance

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs with extended drain intervals using our high-quality engine oils.

Save from fuel costs with quality engine oils that improve efficiency and reduce friction and wear.

Made with only the highest quality base oils and additives, our engine oils were specifically formulated to ensure excellent load-carrying ability, EP properties, wear resistance, oxidation stability, and anti-rust properties. Also, even in the harshest winter conditions, A&I’s engine oils were built to withstand optimal cold-weather performance and provide reliability.

Quality engine oils maintain stability even in high-temperature environments, helping to prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of heavy-duty equipment.

With substantial load-carrying ability, A&I’s quality engine oils handle heavy loads, allow for cooler operation, and create longer equipment life.

Your Commercial Partner

A&I Distributors is a premier resource and distributor of industrial lubricants for our industrial customers including construction, manufacturing, mining, landfills, and more. We’ve been forging partnerships for more than 100 years, and continue to provide the highest-performing products available throughout nine locations in eight states.

We are a proud, four-generation family and the employee-owned company providing customers with world-class service, experience, expertise, and quality name-branded products to maximize uptime and production.

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