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Our Industrial Customers

Industrial environments can be tough, but so are our products. Wherever there are lubrication needs, we have a solution—including heavy-duty industrial applications. Railroad engines, wind turbines, and other heavy machinery require solutions that just cannot fail. We stay on top of the best products and industry innovations to keep machinery uptime to a maximum, 24/7/365.

Big jobs require big solutions – and A&I Distributors has the experience and expertise to ensure the needs of our industrial customers are met quickly, efficiently, and with world-class customer care.

Maximize Uptime

Maximum uptime means reducing friction and wear and tear between parts. Lubricants help dissipate heat and protect equipment from corrosion and rust. A&I Distributors offers a wide range of industrial lubricant solutions to keep heavy machinery and equipment optimized for reliability, longevity, and productivity for our industrial customers.

From the construction industry to mines, landfills, and transportation, industrial customers need industrial lubricants to protect machinery, reduce energy consumption, control temperatures, optimize performance, reduce friction and wear, and maintain safety.

Heavy Equipment

High–performing lubricants protect and safeguard manufacturing equipment such as conveyors, pumps, mixers, and processing machinery. In the construction industry, bulldozers, cranes, and loaders require lubricants to keep projects moving. Maximum uptime on drills, excavators, and conveyor systems is maintained with lubricant use in the mining industry. Landfill bulldozers, compactors, excavators, and trucks use lubricants to help them do their heavy lifting.

Your Industrial Partner

A&I Distributors is a premier resource and distributor of industrial lubricants for our industrial customers including construction, manufacturing, mining, landfills, and more. We’ve been forging partnerships for more than 100 years, and continue to provide the highest-performing products available throughout nine locations in eight states.

A&I Distributors is a proud, four-generation family and the employee-owned company providing customers with world-class service, experience, expertise, and quality name-branded products to maximize uptime and production.

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