The Power of 100 Years

Working with A&I Distributors is more than simply purchasing a product. We have established relationships more than 100 years in the making that pass on value, trust, and bulk buying power to our customers. Our long-term relationships with top lubricant brands give us the unique ability to provide top-performing lubrication solutions at wholesale prices. 

We Keep Our Customers Moving

We provide engine and gear oils, hydraulic oils, thermic fluids, heavy-duty industrial gear oils, transmission oils and greases, and food-grade lubricants to our automotive, industrial, commercial, and food-grade customers. 

We keep our customers moving. Whether tractor, combine harvester, or gas engine – you only get the best results with machines and systems that run reliably. Our solutions help ensure maximum power output and protect engines, gears, and drivetrains under the toughest conditions in all seasons. 

Lubrication Solutions Maximize Results

Defined as a substance to minimize friction between moving parts in a  machine, lubricants offer excellent wear protection and help retain the value of machines across a wide range of industries. No matter where our customers are going, lubricant is something they’ll need, and we’ve got them covered.

Improve operating results with the benefits of high-performing lubrication solutions
Top performance under difficult conditions
High-performance lubricants for entire vehicle fleets
Reduced downtime and improved operating costs
Excellent wear protection even in extreme use
Retain machine investments and value
Improved productivity
Maintain safe operating environments
Minimize environmental footprint
Reduce friction between engine parts
Prevent wear and tear
Dissipate the heat and maintain temperatures
Protect equipment from oxidation and corrosion
Keep engines clean
Dampen and cushion the engine components

Our Brands

We have an impressive portfolio of brands to keep production running at its maximum potential. Whether mineral based or synthetic – A&I Distributors offers lubricants designed for all-around balanced performance even in the most extreme operating conditions.

Premium Blue
Quaker State
Red Line
Royal Purple
Service Pro

Our team of experts are ready to assist you with identifying the best product for all of your lubricant needs. 

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